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Thift Savings Plan Talk: A pause - We saw some red on Thursday but nothing serious considering the gains leading up the selling. It was kind of a yawner and rather than selling, it was... [More]

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Government Shutdown and Your TSP

Government Shutdown - This is from the TSP Plan News and Announcements

The TSP will continue its normal daily operations during the federal government shutdown. Read the TSP fact sheet Effect of Nonpay Status on Your TSP Account to get answers to questions about the shutdown's impact on TSP contributions, loans, and withdrawals. The fact sheet also emphasizes that your agency should not send Form TSP-41, Notification to TSP of Nonpay Status to the TSP during a federal government shutdown. A shutdown is a rare occurrence and is typically of short duration. Form TSP-41 is intended for participants who are being placed on extended leave without pay, e.g., for illness, military furlough, maternity leave.

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A pause - We saw some red on Thursday but nothing serious considering the gains leading up the selling. It was kind of a yawner and rather than selling, it was more of a slowdown in buying. The Dow lost 98-points with smaller percentage losses in the broader S&P and Nasdaq, while th... [More]

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Bitcoin chart update: 20 Jan 2018 by bmneveu - Well, Bitcoin's price action did not stay in the pennant that I showed last week. The big sell off a few days ago broke the resistance of the rising floor and damaged that setup. 42735 Howev... [More]

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up by TommyIV - Stocks opened higher to start the week last Tuesday but sold off intra-day falling into negative territory. The uncharacteristic day alarmed investors who fear the day the relentless bull market we've become so... [More]

Melt Up continues by tsptalk - There they go again. The Dow jumped 323-points and closed above 26,000 for the first time as the "melt up" continues. We saw gains of near 1% in many indices as the negative reversal day on Tuesday was quickl... [More]

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Stock-market investors eager for more guidance on tax-cut impact - NewsFeeder

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TSP moves to expand investment, withdrawal choices - Washingtonpost.com

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TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up - 01/20/18

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- Tsp.gov Outage notification - 01/09/18

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- Guess the Dow Contest 2018 - 01/05/18

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- "I retired February 17, 2012, with 33 years of federal service.  I have followed your TSP site since you first put it online.  Thanks to your assistance I managed to grow my TSP account into something well beyond I had ever hoped to achieve.  I will never forget two major accomplishments;  the d..." -- Charles

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% Change year +0.12% -0.92% +5.19% +4.16% +4.95%
  L INC L 2020 L 2030 L 2040 L 2050
Price 19.7493 27.3581 31.6572 34.6619 20.1769
$ Change 0.0210 0.0516 0.1066 0.1397 0.0939
% Change day +0.11% +0.19% +0.34% +0.40% +0.47%
% Change week +0.16% +0.27% +0.46% +0.53% +0.61%
% Change month +1.02% +1.74% +3.00% +3.53% +4.02%
% Change year +1.02% +1.74% +3.00% +3.53% +4.02%
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